Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Farm Game: Play it Farm Safe

We have finally finished the online Farm Safety game for VTVLC and UVM.

A lot of work has gone into this project and there have been several people working on it. The project was halfway completed when I jumped on board to finish the graphics and animation for the game. The look and feel of the world was already set, I just tried to keep the same look and feel for the characters and new art work. I also created the field work world and the ATV world.

The game teaches students to play it safe as they explore the five levels, watch videos, and answer questions. As the student clicks on a star, their avatar will walk over to the star and an activity will come up. A mascot guides them through the process. There is a cat, a goat, a dog, and a cow to choose from, and there are four characters to choose from.

Before you can explore a level, you need to select all of the appropriate PPE equipment for the level. This one is for the Woodlot level where you learn safe measures for running a chainsaw.

It is really neat to see the game in action after working on it for the past several months. Play it Farm Safe!